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Yellow led illumination light solar light illumination String Lights 500-ball 50m TKOOFN outdoor
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Current price ¥3,018 $31
Start price ¥3,018 $31
Buy-now ¥3,018 $31
Consumption tax 0% included
Seller nghsths +75
Condition New
Start time 2020-06-23T22:10:46+09:00
End time 2020-06-24T17:27:16+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned on
Lot number x696034627
Seller position Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo

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Product Details Yellow led illumination light solar light illumination String Lights 500-ball 50m TKOOFN outdoor indoor 8 mode rainproof New Year party Garden shopping street park wedding Halloween Christmas decorations
[Specification] 50m 500-ball light distance: distance from 10cm solar panels of light: 1.8m overall length: about 51m solar panel: 9.5 * 10 * 2.5cm holder: 12cm. There are [eight lighting mode] eight lighting mode, and switching of eight to flash flashing mode from the atmospheric lighting by pressing the mode switch on the rear solar panel. With memory mode, if you want to light up the second time it will be lit in the previous lighting mode. [Solar charging, electric bill unnecessary Since the charge in solar panels, power unnecessary and electricity costs $ 0.00! Economical and eco-friendly illumination light! Accumulated in the conversion battery into electrical energy by absorbing the daytime off sunlight, automatically lights up when around the panel becomes dark, you do not have a hard time of day mode selection so that even with further store mode. And [wide range of use] light body, are processed dustproof rainproof in solar panels, rain does not worry need to be raining, indoor, of course, also easily mounted outdoors. [Installation simple] because it is solar charging does not need the installation complex electrical wiring, install a light in the desired place, press the back and then installation of the ON / OFF switch at the location where the solar panel is light hits, completed if switching press the mode ! * Solar panel Please be installed in place directly hit is always sunlight.
Payment details · Yahoo! simple settlement
Shipping nationwide uniform (enclosure is impossible, collectively referred to as non-trading)
And a successful bid price + mailing cost (1,000 yen) = it becomes the payment price. It will be the national same rate to Hokkaido from Okinawa because shipping rates, please understand. If you have any dissatisfied with the postage, please withhold a bid and a successful bid. ★ payment method other than the above are not compatible.
Shipment details ◆ Please be sure to read before a bid ◆
- per person purchased at the same time it will be considered as 1 Tenmade. Shipping will be shipped from the contract warehouse so shipping costs will be required for each bidding item even if shipping method, the size of the item, weight, shipping destination is bundled regardless regardless. Those who wish to make a successful bid for multiple points by all means please understand in advance. Cash, your designated shipping companies and shipping method (included, such as specifying the individual dispatch), direct delivery correspondence, specify the delivery time zone, receipt issue, general delivery / office stop / convenience store closure, after a successful bid postage negotiations, refund, other do not accept there is no irregular correspondence stated here of conditions. · We are consigning inventory management · shipping to a deposit warehouse dealer of an alliance. Depending on the product, please understand beforehand that we may send products by shipping agent name or shop name. · After payment is confirmed, we will ship within 2 ~ 4 business days excluding weekends and holidays. · Since those who bid are supposed to understand the above, we can not receive shipping negotiations and refunds after it makes a successful bid. ‥ ■ it has indicated that it is important. Please bid after reading always. ‥ ◎ cancellation after the bidding and the successful bid is not allowed. ‥ ◎ convenience store receipt = office stop = general delivery = Not all overseas shipping. ‥ ◎ dispatch by cash on delivery and cash on delivery is not possible. ‥ ◎ wipe such as the issuance of receipts and specification. ‥ ◎ shipped is not allowed. ‥ ◎ date and time specified is not allowed. (It may be associated in part by the region, date and time)
Notes ■ for popular products, it may temporarily shortage. There is also that the case get time about 2-3 weeks. In that case, after promptly procurement, we will send it out. ■ Notes
* The cancellation after a successful bid should withhold. So there is also imported goods, please give me a successful bid of the direction which has understanding in imported products. ※ The color will exhibit color. Since the designation can not thank you. ※ issue of the receipt thank you enough for your understanding because it does not have performed. ※ Please use after performing once firmly the charge by commodity. The initial state is there is also a case that does not work firmly and not charge. ■ ¬ ¬ ■ ■ About the product image ■ ¬ ¬ ■ ■
Product images, there is the case that specifications and the like relates to details are different. Please note that the color may be slightly different. ■ ¬ ¬ ■ ■ About initial failure ■ 〓 ■ ¬ ■
Except in the case of such initial failure, it is a no claim no return no cancellation as a general rule. Some products may not be exchanged. In addition, please note that we will not be able to exchange the products used. Please contact me directly from the customer to the manufacturer or the like when the product failure. ※ Please use the charging with respect to products in the case of equipment that can be once energizing and charging. ■ ¬ ¬ ■ ■ Other ■ 〓 ■ ¬ ■
※ In our 1940 security and support of the product is not done. ※ You can not meet the fit and method of operation, as well as how to set the items
On your understanding of the above-mentioned notes, thank you for your bid. I would like to do business that makes you feel comfortable. Thank you very much
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