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Daisyo Koto Collection of Daisyo Koto songs that can also be used for reviewing - Latest hit kayokyokyo, Showa famous songs collection, Nursery rhymes of the using - Sheet music From commentary to famous songs of The Great Master Koto!
Auction ends 2 days
Current price ¥2,200 $22
Start price ¥2,200 $22
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Consumption tax 0% included
Seller miyatacompany2007 +1075
Condition New
Start time 2021-07-28T07:03:03+09:00
End time 2021-08-04T18:03:03+09:00
Auto-prolongation Turned off
Lot number x724028384
Seller position Kagoshima prefecture

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★ Daisyo Koto Collection of Daisyo Koto songs that can also be used for reviews - Latest hit songs, Showa famous songs, nursery rhymes of the using - Sheet music From commentary to famous songs of Daikon!
A musical instrument that is friendly to everyone, The Great Masakin.
From the detailed explanation, I posted each genre of the song that everyone wants to play.
(table of contents)
1■[About Daiso Koto] 2 Daiso koto on the tone 3 Daiso koto notes Symbols used in a collection of four pieces Name and string of each part of 5 Daisankin 6 How to put the Daisankin and how to have a pick 7 How to play the right hand 8 How to hold the left hand 9 Fingers and fingers 10-finger change
11◆【Latest Hit Kayokyokyokyokyo】 12Ariaki 10th Night Artist: Tatsuko Mizuta (Composer: Hideo Mizumori Lyrics: Izumi Morita) 13Tenryu Ryusushi Artist: Fukuda Kohei (Composer: Akito Shiko, Lyrics: Takashi Manjo) 14 road Artist: Aya Shimazu (Composer: Chiaki Oka Lyrics: Kyosuke Hisahito) 15 Evening Waiting Artist: Natsuko Goshiro (Composer: Akio Shiko Lyric: Asakoyo) 16 2-2008 Woman Artist: Yukino Ichikawa (Composer: Kohei Koko, Lyrics: Takashi Taka) 17 Belowmachi Junjo Artist: Tatsumi Yuto (Composer: Koji Tokuhisa Lyrics: Kyosuke Hisahito) 18Onano Misaki Artist: Sayaka Mishiro (Composer: Yukihiko Ito Lyrics: Daisuke Shiga) 19 Igosso Soul Artist: Hiroshi Miyama (Composer: Noriaki Nakamura Lyrics: Kyosuke Hisahito) 20Oiwagiyama Artist: Hiroshi Miyama (Composer: Noriyuki Nakamura Lyrics: Chiba Koo) 21肱 Aokawa Artist: Natsuko Goshiro (Composer: Toru Funamura Lyrics: Tadashi Kitagawa) 22 If you can't believe love Artist: Keisuke Yamauchi (Composer: Hideo Mizumori Lyrics: Kiyoshi Matsuo) 23Furenko Artist: Yamauchi Keisuke (Composer: Hideo Mizumori Lyrics: Suzuki Norio) 24 Nanbu Cicada Shigye Artist: Fukuda Kosei (Composer: Akihito Shiko Lyrics: Kyosuke Hisahito)
25◆【Showa's Famous Songs】 26 Tomorrow There Is An Artist: Kyu Sakamoto (Composer: Nakamura Hachihiro Lyrics: Aoshima Koo) 27 Puddle Artist: Kobayashi Asahi (Composer: Masato Sugimoto Lyrics: Hiroo Takada) 28 Onna Artist: Fuji Ayako (Composer: Kana Gen dai Lyrics: Toshio Arakawa) 29Sadamigawa Artist: Chiaki Naomi (Composer: Toru Funamura Lyrics: Miyaki Isimoto) 30Ay Ueno Station Artist: Hachiro Izawa (Composer: Eiichi Arai Lyrics: Yoshiaki Sekiguchi) 31 Kogen Train Go Artist: Okamoto Atsuro (Composer: Yuji Furuseki Lyrics: Toshio Okato) 32 Blue Mountains Artist: Fujiyama Ichiro (Composer: Hatto Yoshio Lyrics: Saijo Yatsu) 33 Lakeside Inn Artist: Mieko Takamine (Composer: Ryoichi Hatbe Lyrics: Sonosuke Sato) 34 Melancholy Beach Artist: Hibari Miku (Composer: Toru Funamura Lyrics: Miyaki Isimoto) 35I want to meet that person Artist: Chiyiko Shimakura (Composer: Uehara Gingo Lyrics: Miyuki Ishmoto) 36ANKO Tsubaki is a flower of love Artist: Tokyo 3 (Composer: Shosuke Ichikawa Lyrics: Tetsuro Hoshino) 37 Shinjuku Women Artist: Keiko Fuji (Composer: Masashi Ishizaka Lyrics: Masashi Ishizaka, Minoru Ishizaka) 38 Cape Soya Artist: Da capo (Composer: Toru Funamura Lyrics: Hiroshi Yoshida) 39 Let's Walk Up Artist: Kyu Sakamoto (Composer: Hachihiro Nakamura Lyrics: Eirokusuke)
40◆【Nursery rhymes】 41 Sunayama (Composer: Shinpei Nakayama Lyrics: Kitahara Hakuju) 42-year-old baby (Composer: Minoru Kainuma Lyrics: Minoru Kainuma) 43 Sea (♪ Matsubara Far Gone...) (Composer: Unknown Lyrics: Unknown) 44 Songs Leaving Home (Composer: German Folk Song Lyrics: Issho Yoshimaru) 45 Summer Doesn't Come (Composer: Sakunosuke Koyama Lyrics: Nobutsuna Sasagi) 46 Spring somewhere (Composer: Shin Kusakawa Lyrics: Soji Momota) 47 Hamabe no Sung (Composer: Narita Ryozo Lyrics: Hayashi Kokei) 48 Premature Spring (Composer: Akira Nakata Lyrics: Issho Yoshimaru) 49 Rainy Moon (Composer: Shinpei Nakayama Lyrics: Noguchi Rain) 50 Street Nyanse (Composer: Warabe Yingya Lyrics: Warabe Ying) 51 Dolls (Composer: Unknown Lyrics: Unknown) 52 Winter Scenery (Composer: Unknown Lyrics: Unknown)
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